7 Secret Ways Celebrities do to Lose Weight & Get Fit: Revealed

These Bizarre Methods helps you to copy their super secret to transform yourself.


Celebrities are the pharaohs of the modern age and just like their predecessors, they have to keep up appearances. That includes the  Way they look, the way the dress, the way they speak and act, so we try our best to copy their eye-catching svelte looks.

Achieving this is by no means easy and takes a lot of dedication and hard work. But those are not enough by themselves and  Celebrities have to constantly experiment on  themselves in order to keep their bodies fit. We are delighted to have the spotlight to reveal the real secrets of celebrities that get them fit in a short time.

  1. They’re Motivated & Well Disciplined.

    You need to make a 1st step to start the journey

    These stars not born by special genes or super powers, but their profession make them to do. They have spent better parts of their lives preparing and training to be the possible versions of themselves.It stands to reason that they are more motivated than the average Joe. But how do they stay so motivated? What makes them push themselves and their bodies beyond the natural limits?  What could a person that has everything want?

    The answer is that they come up with new reasons to do what they do all the time. It is the only way that they can justify the rigorous training regimes and body changes they go through. At some point most of them turn to altruism. They make it about other and not themselves. That is, if they don’t turn to nihilism and that is a completely different story. However, motivation alone doesn’t gets the things done, Discipline does. They never give up.

  2. They Hire Personal trainers & Gym Instructors.


    They constantly research the routines and workouts that makes celebs get fit

    Personal trainers have long been the secret weapons of celebrities and they are invaluable to sculpt their bodies fit. They motivate them and make workout routines especially designed for them and for their next role.They used science backed proven methods to get the needed look for a certain role and both the celebrity and his or her personal  trainer need to get creative to experiment with new diets and training programs.

    If it works, it will be a closely guarded secret and  the general public will learn of it years after they had discovered it. Unfortunately, it does not always turn out that way  and  sometimes they just end up wasting their time.

  3. They Have Enough Time & Rest


    You need lot of rest to recover from internal scars

    Celebrities dedicate countless hours to exercise. Unlike us, they don’t have 9-5 job which means they can trained up several weeks to months to specific routine , get customized diet plans, get plenty of rest and one-on-one coaching for upcoming projects.

  4. They Recruit Special Personal Nutritionists.

    Body is What you eat.

    Celebrities are extremely conscious of the food they eat. The personal nutritionist help them by keeping a watchful eye on their calorie intake and nutrition levels. The nutritionist and the trainer work closely together to come up with a comprehensive strategy for their employer.Their job is to know the celebrities body inside and out and make sure that they are eating and drinking only what will benefit them the most.

    Sometimes the nutritionists can get a little carried away and that’s when a new celebrity diet comes into existence. Over the years, there have been many new diets attributed to a certain celebrity and even though it might have worked for them, it does not mean that it’s for everybody. Remember, this time was especially tailored to suit their bodies.

  5. They Consume Diet pills & Fat Burners.

    This is something that most public figures would deny but the truth of the matter is that they do take a lot of pills. Especially when the time is short and they need to change their appearance drastically for their upcoming role.The pharmaceutical industry is more than happy to help them with this and celebrities can easily get their hands-on drugs that are  not available to most of us.

    They have direct access to the latest pills that can give them strength to endure long training or help  their body burn fat faster. These pills & Fat burners are still in the testing phases and unfortunately there are a lot of celebrities whose careers ended sooner than they  should have because they experimented too much with new drugs.

  6. They Cleanse their Body with Ayurveda.

    Ayurvedic panchakarma cleansing flush the toxins

    Celebrities love to experiment and are particularly fond of alternative medicine like panchakarma, a very popular Indian ayurvedic cleanse therapy and alternative  exercise regiments. At some point, the above proven methods stop working and they have to find something different for them to stay in shape. Many have traveled to India to learn from their gurus and most have tried traditional ayurvedic remedies. The cleansing process in Ayurveda eliminates and flush the toxins that accumulated in body for the years and gives you a clear toned body.

    Since, Celebrities are under a lot of stress and sometimes their lives can be much more difficult than those of regular people. They have to  look their best and for some roles they even have to look their worst. Luckily, they have the time and money to try out every option  available to them and even to come up with new ones.

  7. They go for Laser Liposuction Treatment.

    The Last & most expensive treatment is to melt cellulite cells with surgery. Although this is potentially dangerous, it is followed by celebrities to keep their body flawless. Even famous notorious actress like Jennifer Aniston, Britney Spears, Jessica Alba, Angelina Jolie, Kate Gosselin publicly stated  that, they had help with laser liposuction to suck the fat out and make their body looking great again.

So, What’s up the bottom-line?

Everyone is different, what worked for them might not work for you. It’s all depends on trying new things, dedication, discipline and  Don’t stop until you find things that work. Be Motivated, good luck.


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